With two days of advertising and a little preparation, Analisa Velasco-San Nicholas is not sure how she will be one of the best fitness coaches in the competition, but she is eager to see how she is measured.

UFC gym locations in Hawaii hold statewide fitness test on October 23rd. A few days before the event, Honolulu Gym still has no coach or staff.

“It’s a beautiful field here, especially on the island of Hawaii, pretty strong, with many great coaches. So when my fitness director asked me to represent our gym, I was, of course, like, ‘OK, let’s just see how it is, just how I can do it,’ ”said Vlasco-San Nicholas.

For Velasco-San Nicholas, she did well and won first place and now represents Hawaii in the national fitness competition.

UFC Gym is an extension of the UFC brand and provides training and fitness training to institutions across the country.

Velasco-San Nicolas coached at the Honolulu venue but did not enter the previous fitness tests and was a little afraid to enter the competition.

In each round of exercises, Velasco-San Nicholas said she relied on years of training and focused on the task at hand. As her attention grew, the rest of the world collapsed.

“I was trying my best, so I was in the zone and I did it,” she said.

The competition requires a variety of exercises that test the participants’ strength, endurance, strength and endurance. Velasco-San Nicholas performed various exercises to increase the frequency of each set or to complete multiple repetitions in a given period of time.

In the final round, participants had 10 exercises to complete and 20 reps each.

“It started to load up like a plate and then we made some hooks. Then we made some side-box jumps and made wall balls, squats and these dummy bags, ”Velasco-San Nicholas recalls.

Velasco-San Nicholas passed all the exercises in three minutes. She did well in the previous two rounds and thought she would come out on top after the last round, although she still did not know how to compete with other competitors.

She was first in the fitness test and was inferior in position.

“No one knew me. It was my first year. And no one really introduced me to me. ”

At the end of the competition, the winners were announced, with Vlasco-San Nicholas announcing the third place winner. Then they named the second woman.

I said, ‘OK, maybe I took it first.’ “Then they called me by my name.”

After being named the winner of the fitness competition, other competitors introduced themselves. She made new friends that day and started a network.

“It was great to make my name known here a little bit and to build on the success I was able to overcome and overcome my worries and self,” she says.

Velasco-San Nicholas’ parents were in the United States military and left the island before she was born. When she was young, the family returned to Guam for a few years. The 29-year-old grew up playing a variety of sports, including basketball and track and field. She was a dancer and an inspiration.

Later in her life, she wanted to lose weight and went to school for kinsiology and anatomy, which led her to coaching and competing in the UFC gym fitness test.

The next Vlasco-San Nicholas next month is the national fitness test. She competes with other regional winners.

“This is like a personal all-eye-thing like you. I never did that. ” “And I did.

After the victory, Velasco-San Nicholas said she was humble and honored to be recognized on the field.

Because this field is difficult. There are so many great athletes out there and it really makes me feel inferior. I feel very proud to be a part of this. ”