Avalon, p. (KDKA) – A former Avalon police officer says she wants to inspire change and get more women in uniform. She had a dream of going full-time and worked as a part-time police officer in the Avalon region, but her so-called discriminatory fitness test overwhelmed her dream.

“Every time I brought up this subject, I thought, ‘I think this issue was resolved in the 90’s. I think we have eliminated barriers for women in the 90’s, ”said lawyer Rachel McElroy.

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Terra Johnston was discriminated against by the police department and worked for Avalon part-time police for four months without saying a word.

She raised concerns about sexual harassment and asked to return to work, but according to the indictment, the police chief called her allegations “insulting and ridiculous.”

“My client was treated unfairly. She wanted a chance to be a police officer and was not shot. Johnston’s attorney, McElroy, said not only was she not given a fair go, but that she did not follow the rules, did not follow the rules, did not follow proper standards.

The main point of the indictment is that the Avalon Police Department is using a “long-term attempt” to discriminate against female candidates.

According to the indictment, Avalon Police forced Johnston to complete a part-time physical examination in order to graduate from full-time. She said she was charged with felony criminal mischief and was released on bail.

McElroy says this window jump is outdated, and it would be discriminatory if it unnecessarily weeds some candidates.

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“Pennsylvania has a municipal police officer training commission, and this commission has proposed a COOPER health-based test and it is like sit and run and push, and this is the recommended test as an entrance test, and so many other police departments Phil and They will take advantage of this test, including the two great players, including Pittsburgh, ”said McElroy.

KDKA Meghan Schiller McLeroy asked him how to draw the line between gender discrimination and physical fitness, which is important for first responders.

“This is a very good and important question and I think the biggest issue in such cases is to take this test every time you apply for this job. This is not a continuous requirement for police officers. Have an officer who has been in power for 20 years, 6 feet tall. They are not required to measure walls every year, ”says Macelroy.

The police chief has not yet responded to KDKA’s request, but according to the indictment, the department’s test is not discriminatory against women, calling it “insulting and ridiculous.”

McElroy hopes her client’s case will at least start a conversation.

“She wants them to stop using the test. You know, women and the most important thing, at least for me, is the difference in the police force, ”said Macelroy.

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KDKA Meghan Schiller speaks with Avalon Borough lawyer Daniel Colon. He asserted that the allegations were baseless and that “the state has very clear policies on employment and discrimination.” He dismisses the charges against him.