Just as you would think that a week’s worth of real-time exercise is nailed down, new and innovative exercises come along to add to that routine or replace what you have been doing for some time.

In this case, we are talking about the shoulders – a surprisingly important muscle group, because the shoulders are responsible for allowing a variety of movements. If you can effectively build all three parts of your shoulder muscles (front, middle, and back), you will look wider and begin to fill your T-shirts and shirts.

Recent Shoulder exercise We believe you should definitely try it from 49-year-old fitness coach Paul Schiller. Paul regularly posts videos of his work, often using his own habits, tactics, and abductions, all with the intention of helping them overcome those benefits.

Watch fitness coach Paul Sklar shoulder exercise in the video below

Called “his favorite shoulder and snare,” Paul’s brutal shoulder-to-shoulder workout requires some weight gain and two back exercises. These are clean and loaded press.

Pure refers to the net lifting at the Olympic weightlifting. The Olympic weightlifting coach should be the only one who teaches how to do it effectively, and this is when you want to lift some heavy weights. As for the exercise on Paul’s shoulders, making the bar relatively simple, means you can follow some simple guidelines.

Starting with the barbell hanging from the front of the thigh, bend your knees slightly and use the force created to lift the bar to your shoulders and neck. It is often thought that your shoulders and hips are pulling the bar up, so it often suggests that the net lift is a drag movement. However, most of the movement is based on the energy you generate through your waist and legs, which makes it more of a pressure movement.

With the barbell on your shoulder, you now want to press on top. This requires you to use your shoulders and hips to stay tall and lift the barbell over your head.

Paul said during a press conference: Also, make sure your elbows are under your arm to increase energy transfer.

His daily routine requires you to perform a clean lift, then press one on top. Then, install more than two clean lifts. Single puree remains constant in motion, the upper press increases by one frequency, up to a maximum of five repetitions.

Paul adds: “If you really understand this, you will not be able to move the barbell at the end of the program. If you find that you are struggling with an increase in the number of top press republics, you can include a push-up press, which will help you momentum by bending your knees and pushing upwards.

Again, if you are trying this shoulder exercise for the first time, make sure you keep the weight down a bit. Your muscles get tired as you walk through the agents, and if you try to put the weight on your head and it is too heavy, you are at risk of injury.

“Pay close attention to the shape and see the results.”

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