The trend of smart clothing has continued for at least a decade – longer than I wrote for Engadget. For all the growth, creativity and engagement of a great athlete (Levy, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Google and others) you will not see a professional athlete – let alone a regular runner or gym genius – in a matching outfit.

Instead, we have all received smart watches and fitness monitors, from cheap and happy timers to performance watches and the Apple Watch Series. Will that ever change?

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I am trying out the new generation of modern clothes. PrevailThe UK-based company wants to hit the middle ground between lukewarm brands and technology companies such as Jacques, Lululemon, Castor and others with less sensors and technologies. The prefabricated sensor, which slides into an invisible pocket in a T, tank and crop top, has an “clinical level” ECG that monitors breathing frequency, movement, and body temperature. There is even a biomass sensor.

You can see my previous insights over here. I’m still interested in the future of smart clothing, but the pricing (and demand for multiple items) remains a big challenge. I do not need to wash the fitness tracker after each exercise session. That is not the case for smart clothing.

– Matt Smith

If you like older Zelda games, this little console costs $ 50.

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In the morning

Watch last year’s Nintendo special edition match for Super Mario Bros. 35th. Nintendo is on the verge of selling 35-year-old Zelda-themed games and visuals this year. And just like last year’s model, it includes a color screen and full games, but the choice is more generous. The first Zelda Legend and the Zelda II ፡ Link Link Adventure, both of which were originally released on the NES. A.D. Zelda’s Legend of a Game Boy in 1993 includes Lincoln Awakening. For fans of Strong Zelda, yes.

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TMA - Ledger November Sponsorship

TMA – Ledger November Sponsorship

The company also said it had hit high and average speed records.

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In the morning

Two months before its first flight, the Rolls-Royce Innovation Spirit hit a speed of 387.4MPH, slightly breaking the speed record of electric planes. Gizmodo Reported. The three-kilometer course has a maximum speed of 345.4MPH and a minimum of 3,000 meters, which is only 202 seconds. Records still need to be verified, but if the 345.5 MH speed stops, the current 213MP.

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Written for the pilot script.

Blade Runner Director Ridley Scott confirms the launch of a sci-fi classic TV show. The filmmaker also mentioned in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Today The work is in progress Foreigner Scott did not know who was involved in the series. Blade Runner Series – or how it relates to a movie or sequel.

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But orders are only for lifting.

Uber Eats is heading to the cannabis market. From today, users in Ontario can order retail Tokyo Smoke with the app. Do not expect the Uber driver to drop the joints, however – it will only be taken temporarily.

Users must verify that they are of legal age before completing their purchase, and orders will be ready within an hour. At the store, buyers must present their IDs to Tokyo smokers to prove they are 19 years old or older.

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