Planet Fitness

In today’s high-profile retail news, the increase in planetary fitness and Peloton’s growth suggests that indoor exercise may be a pandemic for some consumers, and retailers are looking for ways to combat their return policy and promotions. He also said that it would be good if Pippal went alone a few weeks after denying reports that he was interested in the social networking site, and said that Pax was the latest brand to launch a new physical retail concept.

The fall of Peloton, the rise of the planet’s fitness boom, ended

Peloton told analysts and investors this week that Internet traffic has fallen sharply over the past two months and slowed down more than expected in retail. Meanwhile, Planet Fitness – which has struggled hard during the epidemic, as many gymnasiums have done – has provided past earnings this week, with a total membership of 15 million for the third quarter.

Retailers with $ 90 B counterfeit are facing promotional abuse.

A study by PYMNTS in collaboration with Forter found that misuse of customer service policies cost US retailers more than $ 100 million a year to $ 89 billion. Abuse. Types of attacks, promotional abuse – or the use of rewards, sales, or other promotions – are widespread, followed by abuse that you do not receive and return.

Pinterest ‘well-established’ is a stand-alone business, says CEO

Despite monthly user growth, Pinterest has continued to invest in photo sharing social media, and executives say they trust the company’s plans as an independent business. Ben Siberman, president and CEO of Pinterest, told analysts that the future of social media and social business is focused on building a “creator-led” ecosystem.

Pacsun launched the first children’s store in the American mall

Pacsun is introducing a store for children, the first of which will open at the US Mall in Minnesota. The 1,435-square-foot Pacquiao Kids store is directly connected to the Pakus Adult Store and offers sex-free clothing such as graphic tees, sweaters and outerwear for children ages 4 to 14.


New PYMNTS Data Destroyed 2021 Holiday Shopping Views

In Care Of Time is running out for the holiday shopping season, and nearly 90% of U.S. consumers plan to make at least some of their purchases online – 13 percent more than in 2020. The impact of online sales and product availability and personal rewards on merchant choice this holiday season.