If you are completely happy with a jumper and a blanket, or if you are in despair, Google package holidays for the winter sun next to the light therapy light. Health slip. Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD is an indisputable fact for many, but many of us fall into at least one winter trap: overeating, overdrinking, and The worst cold ever Or, thanks to the harsh weather, lack of exercise.

So, as dark nights approach, let’s look at some active ways you can support and maintain your fitness and mental well-being, as connecting your body and mind can be a powerful force.

Let technology help your health

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Working in the winter is harder than any other year – and there is science to prove it. A study conducted U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey One of the people she studied in 1995 found that people with high vitamin D levels had higher levels of fitness than those with low vitamin D levels. Lie if you run 5k on a regular morning.

Eating fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as eggs and cheese are good ways to increase your vitamin D intake at the end of the year, but how can you make other healthy daily activities easier? 21st Century Smart Smart Tech works hard for you.

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Before you panic, we recommend you to do the hardest research online to find the best collection. Garmin Venu 2 Series GPS Smart Watch.

It monitors everything from anxiety and heart rate to sleep and water levels, and has advanced advanced health monitoring nerves that improve your fitness and well-being by training on touch screen and key. In addition, the 21-day battery life of the charger reduces the time spent hunting. Take too much.

Take it out

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Pushing yourself to get up and work outside may make you feel awkward when you wake up and finish work, but the benefits can be convincing.

Some studies show that they can train in cold weather Increases fat metabolism By converting white blood cells into beige cells that break down calories, Reduce your chances of catching bugs 20% to 30% by making your immune system more active and Refresh your mind.

Still looking for something new to inspire yourself? We do not blame you. After all, diversity is the spice of life; We can’t just pass by. The Garmin Smart Watch allows you to watch more than 25 indoor and outdoor sports and is the best productive product – including swimming, cycling, golf, walking and running. Try animation cardio, strength, yoga, pilates and HIIT workouts for easy follow-up on the screen, try the ones that come pre-loaded or create your own workout in the Garmin Link app and download it directly to your watch. Trouble working with the click of a button. If you want to know exactly which muscles you are working on, there is a detailed strength training profile, or for runners, there is a free running trainer to help you break the personal best of 5k, 10k or half marathon – all from your wrist.

Divide your goals

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Just as diversity is key, it is also important to change difficult, bucket-specific goals to focus on action in the short term. Dividing each of your goals into a series of small action points will make them feel more accessible immediately.

For example, if you want to be more careful, start yoga every 15 minutes every morning (Garmin Yoga 101 Beginning Session Great place to start) Instead of jumping on the 30-day test. Or, instead of aiming for a bigger, more challenging goal, break down your next running goal (Studies Show that running at a moderate pace for only 5 to 10 minutes a day reduces the risk of dying from heart attack, stroke and other common illnesses.

Whatever your goal, listening to your body and listening to how emotions are key to your success. You can get a built-in stress monitor, body battery ™ energy monitor, fitness tracker and women’s health monitor with Garmin Smart Watch – it may look like the future, but they are all tools to help you better understand and help your body. Know when it’s time to raise it or plan a cat day.

Contact your GP if you feel you are struggling

      Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is one of the words spoken during the winter months, but do you know how it affects your body and mind and how to get help for it?

      SAD is a type of depression that hurts from time to time. Up to three out of 100 people. Symptoms may include persistent low mood, unhappiness in everyday life, feelings of hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness, and apathy.

      If you think you are suffering from SAD, visit your doctor for a diagnosis and discuss how you can better manage your symptoms. Properly managed symptoms can increase your energy levels and mood during the winter, and you will feel better again.

      Stay with both your body and mind this summer Garmin Venu 2 Series Smart watches

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