A.D. Held on Wednesday, September 22 National Fitness Day 2021 He broke all records on the 10th anniversary. According to new data from the Active and Savanta Comress, the exercise sector has mobilized 22.7 million people on a daily basis.

The Non-Profit Health for the Fitness Sector calls on all leaders in the political and sports sectors to fully support National Fitness Day by 2022 and beyond. The organization sees 2021 as a watershed moment for its campaign, and aims to reach a larger audience.

The campaign was developed by mobilizing public support from community groups, community groups, and the wider physical activity community to engage individuals, families, and schools through free activities throughout the day.

  • It is estimated that 22.7 million people will be active on National Fitness Day 2021 (up from 19.2 million in 2020).
  • An estimated 11.4 million children (8.7 million by 2020) and 11.3 million adults (10.5 million by 2020) will be active on National Fitness Day.
  • 4,365 free activities and events are held in person and online throughout the UK, as a National Fitness Day Activist, in addition to many more.
  • 18.3 million adults (estimated at 35 percent of the population) say they know National Fitness Day (an increase of 32 percent by 2020).
  • The media coverage of the 2021 campaign was 44.0 million people – on TV, radio and press coverage (up from 29.2 million in 2020).

The theme for National Fitness Day 2021 was ‘Fitness Unites Us’ in collaboration with TRX Training Club SMS. The aim is to understand the power of physical activity, especially in the context of the physical and mental health crisis caused by the Covand-19 pandemic.

The perception of the day was based on a public opinion poll conducted by the UK, which shows that less than a third (27%) of adults in the UK are as fit as they want to be following the epidemic.

On September 22, National Fitness Day was launched at the London Jubilee Hall Gym and was sponsored by the Department of Digital, Cultural Media and Sports.

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston, Olympic diving gold medalist Mathieu Lee and Paralympian Baron Thani Gray-Thompson met with members of the public to join the fitness team hosted by TRX Training Club.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of National Fitness Day, and the new figures show year-on-year growth. The campaign was launched before the 2011 Exercise Operator Energy grant was given in 2014 to promote the sport.

“These figures show the tremendous impact of National Fitness Day and its potential to reach millions of new people in our sector and move the country forward.

“National Fitness Day has grown to become one of the most important annual events in the UK for physical and mental health.

“By 2022, we want National Fitness Day to be bigger and more people to be active. So we call on everyone in the fitness sector and in the political leadership to join.

“It’s amazing to see such engagement numbers for National Fitness Day.”

“It’s always about making exercise more accessible to us and creating an enabling environment for people to exercise around crowded programs. A comprehensive campaign.

National Fitness Day 2022 will be held on Wednesday, September 21.