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As the holidays increase and 2021 decline, why not consider a fitness gift for your family and friends? Once again this year, as a WOW fitness columnist, I present my top picks. Some made the list for the first time, while others showed exciting improvements in design and technology. Buy it, fitness fans!

1. Smart Home Gym – The three most popular are Peloton, Glass and Tone. Each has a different emphasis. Peloton is probably best suited for cardio, tonal resistance training, and glass.
2. Smart watches – If you do not already have one and you are talking about any exercise, these are useful because they will hold you accountable and tell you how much you are moving every day. If your Fitbit or iWatch is over 3 or 4 years old, you may appreciate the upgrade.
3. Under the oval table – If you can’t get enough time off your desk, maybe this will help you a little. (Please let me know if you have tried!)
4. Exercise Card Floor – Add a little spice to your workout using a card deck. This can be a fun way to learn and exercise with friends or students, depending on the condition of the boat. The cards can be inexpensive and good storage.
5. Infrared sauna blankets – Although they are not as warm as a sauna, they certainly help to calm the body. They are much easier to clean than a sauna and take up less space.
6. Rehabilitation – Lift on a small trampoline without heavy rest on your muscles and joints.
7. Athletic Clothing – Appreciated by people who love to make beautiful sportswear and then want to work out. Gift cards are appreciated if you are not familiar with choosing the right clothes.
8. Smart Cable – The LED in the cable allows you to display statistics in the air.
9. Vibration Foam Roller – Foam rollers help increase flexibility!
10. Running – Runners with many children will be happy to have one!
11. Massage stick – Another tool used for massaging and stimulating the body.
12. Bala Power Ring – Replace a dumbbell or kettlebell for this weight ring!
13. All Hop – Remember those? Well, now they even have weights.
14. Fitness Socks – A comfortable and popular stock item for your fitness fan.
15. Athletic Shoes – Always Appreciated (Include Gift Receipts!)
16. Mix – I love my ninja!
17. Fanny pack – Yes, you are back!
18. Foot Rejuvenation System – Strong athletes like to put on socks / boots that make their feet into a great massage.
19. Hydration Package Bag – Curious Pedestrian Friend!
20. Fitness Equipment – From Weight To Yoga Matters, Choose The One You Love!
21. Fitness gift cards for everything!

By Shannon Tigpen.

Shannon is a certified health consultant, teacher and coach. Visit shannonthigpen.com.